Flyscreens are a great way to allow a constant natural air flow through your house, without the annoying hassle of unwanted flies and insects.
Our flyscreens come in a range of different styles and mesh types. EHI has the largest range of colours and frames types for flyscreens with over 50 colours and many sizes to choose from to fit all doors and windows.
There are different mesh types to accommodate for your homes needs. EHI also offers re-meshing services for when there are holes or damages to existing flyscreens.

Aluminium Sliding Windows

EHI’s Fibreglass Mesh is a soft flexible flyscreen solution. This mesh comes standard in all EHI’s doors, flyscreens and window grilles.
It’s non rust features allow it to be a great all round mesh solution for your home.

Awning Windows

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Casement Windows

Tuff Mesh is a great and sturdy mesh solution. It’s strong and durable features make it ideal for homes with pets and other wearing factors.
Tuff Mesh are a great durable flyscreen solution that still minimise outside glare while maintaining visibility.

Double Hung Windows

Paw Proof Mesh is the ideal mesh for homes with pets. Pets will often scratch at flyscreens which can cause damage and create holes and rips. Having Paw Proof Mesh will minimise the potential damage your pets can do.
Paw Proof Mesh is made from a flexible fibreglasss mesh which makes it a stronger and longer lasting mesh solutions for pets.

Louvre Windows

Galvanised Steel Mesh is a economical mesh solution for your home. It is non flammable and fire resistant which means it is great for homes with fire threats. It comes in a variety of sizes and can fit to most doors and windows.

Bi-fold Windows

Aluminium Mesh is a stainless steel weave with PVC coating. It is water resistant and suitable for marine environments.

Aneeta Sashless

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