EHI has an extensive range of Security Doors that guarantees no matter the circumstances, your needs will be met.

EHI offers a vast variety of security doors to accommodate to a range of different needs and requirements. There are different products of security doors to suit all budgets, weather, climates and settings. EHI ensures that not only are the security doors used are of great quality, but also that the builders who install them, are the best in the trade

Amplimesh Sliding Supascreen Doors

Amplimesh Supascreen doors are a high tensile marine grade stainless steel woven into a fine mesh. The strength and composition of the mesh means you don’t need to install unsightly security grilles on your doors and windows.

Supascreen provides its high security door solution that gives you a clear, unobstructed view with a cool breeze. The appearance is in no way compromised as the Supascreen maintains its clean and smooth features.

Amplimesh Hinged Supascreen Doors

Amplimesh Supascreen provides a quality and stylish solution to securing your doorways. The high tensile marine grade stainless steel is woven into a fine mesh to give your doorway a clean and smooth finish.

Amplimesh Hinged Supascreen Doorsets

The Amplimesh Hinged Supascreen range also caters to doorsets. The security features make it great for entrances with a doorset.

Our Supascreen is great for providing a airflow through your house whilst still having high security features.

Diamond Pattern Security Door

EHI Australia’s Security Doors are Australian owned and manufactured, using the best materials for quality and usability.

The Diamond Pattern range are some of Australia’s most secure doors and are credited for their heavy duty frames and corner stakes and a three point lock system, located at the top, centre and bottom.

The Diamond Pattern range is designed and made to comply with all current Australian security standards to ensure that your home is protected by the finest security doors on the market.

Aluminium Cast Panel Doors

Aluminium cast panel doors come in a huge range of designs and patterns. They are a great to choice to add character to the front of your house.

*These are not security doors. They fall into the flyscreen door category.

Steel Security Doors

EHI fabricate and custom make the range of steel doors on offer using Australian made steel. Our wide range of styles and designs are sure to accommodate for your needs.

Our Steel Security doors are a great protection to your entrances, patios or any other open areas in need of a secure access.