Retractable screens are a great alternative to traditional screens and doorways. Retractable fly screens are a stylish and innovative way to protect your wide entrances from the outside environment. The elegant finishes mean that our highly functional retractables will not only look great but perform at their best for their entire lifetime.

Retractable screens are available in a wide range of products, materials and sizes to ensure that no matter the circumstances, your home can get a fit out.

Some important features that EHI specializes on for retractably are durability, the materials used, practicability and privacy.

Centor Screens

Centor Screens are the prime retractable screens due to their wide range of excelling features. The stylish and innovative design of Centor retractable screens means that they can fit into a variety of sizes to suite most doors and windows. They accommodate to a wide range of doors and windows as they can be fitted to all circumstances and locations.

Our Centor screen are UV resistant which means they are ideal for combating the sunny weather while keeping its quality due to its durable materials.

Brio Retractable Screens

Brio Screens are a pleated screen, great for large expanses. Brio retractable screen can expand up to 4.5 metres wide. They are ideal for corner bi-folding or sliding door sets where there is no corner post.


Pleated fly screen do not have the same inherent problems associated with traditional spring loaded retractable roller fly screen systems. Our pleated screen doors are less prone to blow-out from the wind. Our retractable fly screens are not spring tensioned and gently maneuver into any position without the need of a brake. View our products for more information.

Roll-ups for Windows

Our roll-up screens for windows come in stylish and innovative designs, with a sturdy construction to give years of trouble free operation. The durability of our products mean that we can offer you a 5 year guarantee in Sydney’s diverse climate. Our UV resistant products come in a variety of sizes to suite most window shapes and sizes.

Rollaway for Doors

EHI Australia’s Rollaway Screens are Australian owned and manufactured using the best materials for quality and usability.

They are ideal for French doors, bi-fold doors or any windows that you want access to and from. We offer an extensive range of finishes to ensure that our product is ideally made for your home.