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Centor Screens

Centor Screens

  • Get the Rolls Royce of retractable screens
  • You can pull a blind from one side and you can pull the sunscreen blind from the other
  • Its not spring loaded so where you want it to stop is where it stops
  • Easy to use – you can pull it along with your finger tips
  • Centor retractable screens are great for large patio areas

Centor is a multi award-winning designer and manufacturer of hardware systems for folding and sliding doors, screens, blinds and locks. Centor retractable screens are sure to make your home access a whole lot better.

Get a Centor Retractable Screen in your home

Centor systems change lifestyles & since we invented the modern weather-sealed folding door in 1998, we have been helping people bring the outside in, and expand and improve their living spaces.

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