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Flyscreens Fitting

Flyscreens Fitting

Awning Windows

Todays awning windows come ready made to take a flyscreen. They have a chain winder and angle trim that allows the flyscreen to fit without any trimmings required.Chain winders make it easy to fit flyscreens as the screen doesn’t have to be opened or removed to get the glass sash open. Chain winders can be key locked at certain intervals allowing you some form of security.

Casement Windows

Flyscreens for Casement windows depend on the arm mechanisms of the window. In all cases the flyscreen must be fitted to the inside of the window. The most common form of flyscreen for these windows is the retractable screen. The retractable screen will roll away when not in use and will allow for the arm mechanisms of the window to function freely in most instances. It is imperative that we look at your particular window design before suggesting a screening option for you.

Double Hung Windows

On a double hung window the flyscreen can be attached to the outside of the window. You can have the screen covering both sashes of the window or you can have it on the bottom sash only. The most common method of fixing is with turnbuttons however if you dont want to screw through the window frame you may also use velcro or double sided tape.

A retractable screen is also available for double hung windows. The retractable screen is fitted to the outside of the sash and it can be opened from inside the house. Refer to our section on retractable screens.

Louvre Windows

There are three ways to fix flyscreens to these types of windows and it all depends on the width of your louvre blades.

Hopefully the blades don’t protrude pass the face of your window frame. If this is the case a screen can be held on with 11mm turn buttons. If the blades protrude pass 10 mm which is very common we have our own special frame which has a 11mm step in it to allow for it and is held on will 11mm turn buttons.

The third and most expensive way is when your blades protrude pass more than 11mm we then have to box out the window first and fix the screen to the box.

Sliding Windows

EHI offers its flyscreens in two sizes 21 x9 mm or 25 x 11 mm. Our screens are made of an extruded aluminium frameand are powdercoated in a wide range of colours. We powdercoat to both Dulux and Interpons list of colours.

Our flyscreens are available in a wide range of mesh options including fibreglass,Aluminium,Stainless Steel,Tuff mesh, Sand Fly meshand Pawproof.

We guarantee our screens won’t rattle in the wind if fitted with your window companys genuine clips.

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