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Sharkurity Doors

Sharkurity Doors

Grille type doors provide a visual deterrent and effective protection against uninvited guests.

The Sharkurity® series is exclusive to the Amplimesh® suite and is recognised in the market place for the strength of materials used at a competitive price.

The heavy duty frame and corner stakes are matched with a heavy duty door closer and three point locks, located at top, centre and bottom.

The Sharkurity® security door uses strong extruded corner stakes rather than plastic corner stakes. The use of plastic corner stakes in the fabrication of a security product means that the door will not pass any of the current Australian Standards.

Stainless steel rivets are also used in the manufacture of the Sharkurity® series. The use of these special rivets is also the only way that a security door or window screen can pass the current Australian standard.

The exclusive Sharkurity® frame, security grille and corner stakes are manufactured to comply with AS/NZS 1866. Powder coating and anodising is also finished to comply with AS 3715.

Be assured all of our products have been tested to Australian standard AS 5039.

There are many imitations around so ensure that you ask for genuine Amplimesh products.

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