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Enhance Your Home’s Security and Style with Modern Security Screen Doors

Enhance Your Home’s Security and Style with Modern Security Screen Doors

Having a beautiful home is one thing, but having your home broken into is a risk nobody can afford to run. Modern security screen doors provide an elegant solution to the problem of protecting your family and property and maintaining a stylish home.

Why screen doors are a good idea

Screen doors are meant to keep insects and other small pests out while letting in fresh air and the view from outside. There are several advantages to installing screen doors in to your home:

Installing screen doors at all the entry points of your home, rather than just the front door, encourages air to flow all throughout the house. This keeps your house from becoming hot and stuffy, and prevents rooms from developing a musty odour.

Screen doors also allow natural light to enter, which, together with the flow of fresh air, can help you save on electricity.

For homes with yards or patios or have woods or the seaside nearby, screen doors provide ready access to outdoor activities. These doors may also be handy for city dwellers who often make quick trips to neighbourhood stores.

As practical as they are, however, screen doors are often left out of modern home designs for aesthetic reasons. Many homeowners, their architects, and their interior designers feel that screen doors just don’t fit in with their concept of a sleek, designer living space.

Homeowners might also perceive screen doors as a security loophole, as traditional screens are easily cut and penetrated by intruders.

Why modern security screen doors are even better

Modern security screen doors provide all the benefits of screen doors with the addition of security features and stylish designs that complement most contemporary homes.

This combination of features have made these screen doors a favourite among homeowners, architects and interior designers, not just in Australia, but worldwide.

Putting the “security” in screen doors

Modern security screen doors have come a long way from the classic aluminium diamond grille screens found in older homes.

While the screens retain a mesh configuration to keep insects out, they are now manufactured to Australian safety standards to provide effective protection against break-ins. Made of high-grade marine steel, these screens are now able to withstand:

The door frames have also been upgraded with mesh retention systems to hold the screens firmly in place. These frames do not use screws, fixings or snap-on covers, which likewise make it extremely difficult for burglars to enter by dismantling the door.

The screen doors also feature three tamper-proof locks that are accessed from a single point on the door frame. These locks frustrate attempts to remove the door from the frame.

Stylish as well as secure

Gone are the days when screen doors generally came in a staid, silver grey. Modern security screen doors now come in a variety of colours and customisation options.

Customised colours include (but are certainly not limited to)

The frames of these screen doors are made of aluminium or steel which can be finished to resemble wood grain or your choice of material or pattern.

Adding just the right touch

Modern security screen doors can add a touch of luxury to your home, not just on the outside but in the way they let the outdoors in.

Screen doors come in hinged, sliding and folding varieties to suit the overall look and feel of your home.

Screen doors on hinges are the most popular variety best used for the front door or main entrances. Sliding and folding screen doors provide great options for doorways leading to a balcony or the pool. Folding screen doors might also be used indoors to separate the dining room from the verandah.

How to install and maintain your screen doors

Because modern security screen doors don’t come with screws or fixings, they are best installed by professionals.

There are, however, things you can do to keep your screen doors as sturdy and stylish as the day they were installed:

It is highly recommended to clean your screen doors regularly, but how often you clean them depends on where you live:

It’s a good idea to check your screens as you clean them for any repairs that may be needed. If you find that your screens need to be replaced, the mesh retention system holding the screens may make it difficult to do yourself. It will be best to get in touch with the professionals who installed your doors.

Screen door shout-outs

Hear what delighted customers have to say about modern security screen doors from EHi:

Suzee & I have always loved the large French doors at the front of our house. We also love catching the breeze coming off the water nearby. So, we had SupaScreen installed by the team at EHi after being referred by a mutual friend. We now feel safe at home, the natural airflow freshens up our entire home & the SupaScreen doors look fantastic!

Jeff Fenech, Five Dock

Elle, our exuberant furry friend, loves running in & out between the backyard & our living area. After a few months, she had destroyed our mesh flydoor. We needed something stronger and more secure, while also letting the fresh air in from outside. As a returning customer, we trusted EHi’s recommendation to upgrade to Intrudaguard, with a doggy dog—this gives us security, visibility and airflow, and Elle can still come and go as she pleases. On top of that, we love the way they look!

Andrew Walker, Pymble

We’ve had a number of installations quoted and completed by Dominic from EHi. We have been consistently happy with the quality of the products, screen doors, awnings and screened enclosure. Above all, we found Dominic to be very professional, helpful and dedicated to providing the best service he could… Thank you!

Sue and John, Baulkham Hills

Our Amplimesh SupaScreen was chosen to provide the aesthetic look, natural airflow as well as the safety features required to achieve the Project scope at St Lucy’s, a school for special children with (dis)abilities. The school’s new development was designed to promote a bright, breezy, colourful, safe atmosphere, perfect for learning.

St Lucy’s School, Wahroonga

We had security screens installed in our whole house by Marty and could not be happier with the service and work he did. There were a couple of issues we brought up not directly due to Marty’s work which were fixed without a problem. We could not recommend your company enough.

Emmalene Royce

Our doors are open to you

Modern security screen doors allow you to enjoy the outdoors from within your home without letting pests or intruders in. Screen doors are also the perfect complement to your stylish contemporary home, allowing you to customise according to door type, colour and finish.

Explore our range of modern security screen doors at EHi and discover how you can breathe new life into your home, today.

EHi supplies & installs flyscreens, along with a wide range of home improvement products:  Blinds, awnings, security screens, shutters, & grilles.  These products form the focus of our government – backed apprenticeship, which we’ve recently named the Cert iii in BASS G™.