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Centor Screens

Enjoy the luxury of inside-outside living with Centor’s latest Screen & Shade system, the S4.

Easy to operate with just a fingertip, Centor’s unique load-balancing technology allows screens & blinds to glide smoothly across the whole door opening, to effortlessly stop at any desired position. When not in use, the screen or blind retracts discreetly into the frame, removing visual distractions to the view outside whilst also protecting it from damage, dust or dirt.

Easy to pair with new or existing doors or windows. The screen and blind fabrics are fully retained within the frame on all sides – this allows total control of insects, sunlight and privacy. Operates from any height with one hand so the youngest of family members can operate the screen.

Screen mesh is available in a choice of different weave styles with no pleats or sliding panels to detract from the view. Luxury blind fabric is available in light-filtering & blockout options, with a choice of stylish patterns & colours to suit any home décor.


  • Operates from any height with one hand so the youngest (or eldest) of your family members can operate the screen easily
  • Fabrics are held securely in place by top & bottom tabs, preventing screen blow-out – even in a breeze.
  • The screen & blind are fully retained within the frame on all sides to allow total control of insects, sunlight and privacy.
  • Screen mesh is available in a choice of different weave styles with no pleats or sliding panels to detract from the view.
  • Available in four configurations to suit any home.
  • The durable aluminium frame can be powder-coated in any colour for full personalisation.
  • Can be mounted on the inside or outside – drainage holes are added to the sill for externally mounted systems.
  • Sill cover is quick and easy to remove to make cleaning trouble free.

Ideal For

  • Pair with new or existing doors or windows


Yes. Centor’s S4 system offers a Cornerless System that puts a continuous, almost frameless screen right around corners without jambs cutting across the centre.

Our retractable screens and blinds can be as large as 9m wide. Because of the thickness of some of our fabrics, however, the maximum size may not be reached. We do have alternatives in case you choose a fabric that can’t reach the maximum size.

Not at all. Centor Screens can be built into a new door frame or retrofitted to the doorway you already have. We customize each order to your exact size and colour requirements.

By no means. Centor Screens may be paired with folding, French or sliding doors and windows.

Centor’s S5 system also comes in unfinished or primed wood. You also have the option to supply your own wood, if you wish. We also offer wood veneers for our screens.

Centor screens are made of high-quality fade-resistant materials, ensuring they look fantastic year after year.

S2 is ideal for keeping insects away from doors and windows up to 4 metres large, while S4 was designed specifically for doors up to 3.2 metres high and 9.01 metres wide. The S4 system also comes with options for combining screens and blinds as well as a corner system that works without a post.

The mesh in Centor’s S2 and S4 systems is made from durable polyester/PVC. In Centor’s S5 and S6 systems, the mesh is made from long-lasting fibreglass.

Our polyester/PVC mesh comes in standard weave which is ideal for keeping out insects like moths, flies and mosquitoes. Our tight weave polyester/PVC can keep out midges and other, tinier insects.

While installation instructions do come with Centor Screens, the process will require at least two people and may be too complex a job for most people. It is highly recommended to leave installation to the team of security licensed installers at EHi who will be happy to help.

The sill drainage system in Centor Screens, which is positioned 70mm from either end of the sill and all along its length, keeps water from pooling and causing leaks, mould and other problems.

Vacuum your screens using a soft brush attachment for a quick and easy clean.  The sill cover is easy to remove for cleaning. Remove the sill cover regularly to clear any build-up, as sand, leaves or pet hair can keep your screens from sliding smoothly.

Clean your screens every 3 months if you live in a coastal or industrial environment; otherwise, it is recommended to clean your screens every 6 months.

Centor offers a 5-year limited warranty on its screening systems and a 10-year limited warranty on its hardware and tracking products.

Absolutely. Our Combination configuration combines two fabric types by housing one in each side of the frame, such as a screen from the left and a blind from the right.

Apart from Combination, Centor Screens come in the following configurations:

  • Single, which covers the entire width of the door or window
  • Double, which meet at any point along the opening and come in the same fabric option
  • XO or OX, which is a single screen that stops at the door or window handle with the second jamb built into the far wall
  • Jambless, which is a single screen without a jamb and does not impede access to door or window handle nor block the view

Yes. You may choose Cornerless with screens or blinds which meet at a 90-degree angle opening, or the Corner XO or OX which is specially designed to pair with two openings on either side of a fixed corner window. Both screens of the XO or OX meet the fixed glass panels.

Centor has been manufacturing screens as a family business since 1951.

Call 136 344 to discuss your specific needs


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