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Verandah Straight Drop Awnings


Simplicity meets affordability
The Verandah Straight Drop awning has the classic appearance & uncomplicated system that most people want for their verandahs & patios.

This style of awning is fitted in place with straps & uses a rope & pulley system to operate & roll to your desired height. Any excess rope is secured by cleats. This is to ensure the safety of children when playing outdoors while the verandah straight drop awning is engaged.

This outdoor awning is made from sunscreen fabrics, canvas & acrylic. It’s made to withstand harsh weather conditions, especially against the sun’s UV rays, & acts like a wall to block direct sunlight from hitting your windows. Or, if you want some privacy from outside whenever you need it, this awning is the perfect cover.

Intentionally sleek & straightforward but with a modern & muted look, it’s suitable to fit any residential design & architecture.

Browse through our range of awnings & find the right one that fits your home.

Contact us or call 136 344 to discuss your specific needs.

Ideal For

  • Verandah
  • Patio


  • Made from various materials, including sunscreen fabrics, canvas, and acrylic


Yes. Get in touch with us with a quick click or tap on “Free Measure & Quote” on this page and we’ll measure your doors or windows for you, free of charge.

Yes. The sunscreen fabric, canvas and acrylic material used for our awnings come in wide range of colours and textures.

Some homeowners prefer fabrics and canvas for aesthetic reasons, while others prefer acrylic because it’s easier to clean, colourfast, and more resistant to wear and tear.

Awning installation does require technical know-how to ensure a perfect fit and a polished look.

Absolutely. We take care of installation as part of our service with every purchase.

You may call us any time at 136 344 for any adjustments or repairs as needed.

Yes. Awnings were originally developed for use at sea to keep rain and sun off the deck. Our awnings are made to withstand harsh weather conditions.

As the awning is waterproof, the spray isn’t strictly necessary, although you can enhance the waterproofing properties of fabric or canvas materials. Acrylic materials are basically plastic and will not need waterproofing spray at all.

Yes, if blackout material is used, making our awnings perfect for providing outdoor shade on a hot day and keeping interiors cool.

We do offer motorised awnings that may be operated even via voice command using your smartphone or tablet. Motorised options may also be activated via sensors for wind or rain.

Yes. The awning is designed to be rolled to your desired height and doesn’t necessarily have to be closed or open all the way, all the time.

Choose a dry or sunny day for cleaning. Using a mix of warm water and awning cleaner, gently wipe the material with cloth. Do not use bleach or abrasive chemicals as this may damage the material. Do not scrub the material too harshly, nor use high pressure jets for the same reason. Air dry the awning and be sure it is completely dry before rolling it back up, especially when storing it for extended periods.

It’s enough to clean your awning twice a year, usually before and after the summer or the period when you’ll be using it the most.

Use a hose to rinse your awning every month and make sure to never roll it up when it’s wet or dirty. This prevents mould or fungus from building up, and dirt from becoming deep-seated or difficult to remove.

High quality awning does represent a significant investment, and the option with the lowest price tag isn’t always the most cost-effective. EHi offers competitively priced, top quality awnings and installation services.

Because our awnings and other products are best appreciated in person, we invite you to visit our Alfresco showroom in Baulkham Hills, NSW. Click or tap on the address at the top of this page to see a map.

Call 136 344 to discuss your specific needs


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