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IntrudaGuard® Security Screens

IntrudaGuard® Security Screens

If you’re worried about your home falling victim to forced entry by intruders, you are not alone. It is a concern for many other homeowners—and for good reason. In 2016 alone, almost 189,000 Australians became victims of unlawful entry. What’s more, some 70 percent of the reported cases occurred in residential locations.
When your safety is at stake, you must not leave anything to chance. It’s a good thing you can count on Elite Home Improvements to find you an IntrudaGuard security screen door that matches your unique safety requirements.

IntrudaGuard: A Robust, Practical, and Affordable Security Screen Door You Can Rely On

Your home does not have to look and feel like a fortress just to be protected from break-ins. By installing the IntrudaGuard security screen system on your doors and windows, you can enjoy an aesthetically appealing security solution that is likewise durable and low-maintenance.

IntrudaGuard is manufactured from a single sheet of specially tempered marine-grade 5052 aluminium, which has been perforated to provide unparalleled visibility of the outdoors while also allowing fresh air to flow unobstructed into your home. And because it is assembled using an innovative bonding process, the need for unsightly screws and clamps is completely eliminated.

Find the Right IntrudaGuard Security Screen Door Solution for Your Home

Whether you’re planning to secure your front entry door, your bedroom windows, or the access door to your yard or laundry area, Elite Home Improvements can supply the right IntrudaGuard system for your property.

With our fully licensed team of professionals and our best-in-class products, you can trust our company to retrofit your home with security solutions that really work and last a long time. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 136 344. Alternatively, you can get a free quote by filling out the form provided on this page.

IntrudaGuard® is a strong, practicable and affordable security solution for your home. IntrudaGuard’s perforated aluminium mesh creates a visually appealing unobstructed view with free flowing air circulation.

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