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Paw Proof Mesh

Paw Proof Mesh

This mesh is ideal for families that have animals in or around their home as we all know how much cats love to claw at flyscreens and flyscreen doors.

EHI’s Paw Proof Mesh is made from a flexible fibreglass mesh and gives a little, making it much stronger mesh than standard fibreglass mesh, also lasting much longer.


Paw Mesh Specifications:

  • Soft flexible fibreglass mesh
  • 15 x 11 ppi 450 gsm weave
  • Yarn diameter 0.76mm
  • 20 times stronger than standard fibreglass mesh
  • Fibreglass weave with PVC coating
  • Will not rust, rot or corrode
  • Ideal for high traffic areas – pets, children etc
  • UV stabilised for longer life
  • Available in widths 910mm, 1220mm & 2130mm
  • You can buy it by the meter or in 30 meter rolls


Pet Proof Flyscreens

We understand the damage that can occur from cats and dogs scratching away at your screens which is why we offer touch and reliable pet proof flyscreens to counter the effects. Our Sydney pet proof flyscreens are ideal for any home that has animals that claw away at the screens.

Cat Proof Mesh

It is common for cats to claw away at mesh and flyscreens. Whether they want to be let in or simply have a stretch, you need to ensure your mesh is cat proof. Our cat proof flyscreens are a great solution and will last in your home.

If your cat claws at your flyscreen and damages it, contact EHI for a cat proof mesh solution.

Dog Proof Mesh

Dogs are a bundle of fun, jumping around and always on the move. Flyscreens often play victim to dogs as regular flyscreens simply are not strong enough. This is why we have sturdy dog proof flyscreens that hold up against your dogs. Get in touch today for dog proof mesh in Sydney. We’re the experts in dog proof flyscreen installations.


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