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Diamond Grille Doors

Diamond Grille Doors

The Pointer series grille type doors are the entry point into the Amplimesh range of security products and are suitable for the more budget conscious.

The Pointer security door has a medium weight frame and corner stakes which are matched with three point locks, located at the top, centre and bottom.

The Pointer security door uses strong extruded corner stakes rather than plastic corner stakes. Stainless steel rivets are also used in the manufacture of the Pointer series.

Pointer Doors Specifications

  • Midweight Frame,
  • Midweight Corner Stakes,
  • Stainless Steel Rivets,
  • 3 Point Locking System,
  • Midweight Closer.
  • Warranty Information for Pointer

A manufacturer’s warranty for the Pointer security door and window screen applies to the extruded metal, power coating and hardware.

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