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Beyond Boundaries: Advancing Home Security – The Unique Advantages of Sliding Security Doors in Australian Homes

Beyond Boundaries: Advancing Home Security – The Unique Advantages of Sliding Security Doors in Australian Homes

In the domain of home security, few elements are as vital as a robust & reliable security door. Australian homes, in particular, prioritise safeguarding against intruders while maintaining the aesthetic appeal & functionality of their living spaces. 

At Elite Home Improvements, we understand these needs implicitly, which is why we’re proud to present our Amplimesh® Sliding Security Doors as a premier solution for Australian households.

Amplimesh® Sliding Security Doors Overview

When it comes to securing wider openings, such as those leading to outdoor areas or patios, Amplimesh® sliding security doors stand out as the epitome of functionality & style. These doors are not just barriers; they’re gateways that seamlessly blend security with convenience & aesthetics.

Designed with a focus on versatility, Amplimesh® sliding security doors offer unique features that cater to the specific needs of Australian homes. They’re engineered to secure expansive openings while retaining views, natural light & airflow—a trifecta of essential elements that contribute to the overall comfort & livability of your home.

Picture a panoramic view of your backyard oasis, bathed in natural light & fresh air, all while knowing that your home remains secure against potential intruders, thanks to the hidden protection of Amplimesh® sliding security doors.

Product Customization

Let’s highlight the artistry of customisation with Amplimesh® sliding security doors. Immerse yourself in the diverse palette of colour frame options available, allowing you to tailor these security doors to integrate with the overall aesthetics of your home seamlessly. 

While the mesh screen maintains a sleek black hue, the frame colour becomes your canvas, offering the flexibility to choose a shade or woodgrain effect that complements the architectural nuances & design preferences of your residence.

Mission safe@home With Amplimesh® SUPASCREEN® & INTRUDAGUARD®

Security is not a compromise; it’s a promise. At Elite Home Improvements, our mission safe@home comes to life through two cutting-edge mesh technologies: SUPASCREEN® & INTRUDAGUARD®.

SUPASCREEN® stands as our pinnacle in security solutions, featuring a premium 316 marine-grade stainless steel mesh that offers unparalleled strength & durability. Experience the best single-impact performance available, ensuring robust protection against external forces. 

It goes beyond the Australian Standard AS5039-2008, setting a benchmark for maximum impact & shear resistance. SUPASCREEN® provides a clear & expansive 156-degree viewing angle, offering one of the best sightlines on the market. Crafted from high-tensile 316 marine-grade stainless steel, it ensures not only security but also longevity. 

The unique patented pressure process employed in its construction guarantees premium performance, ensuring your home is safeguarded with the utmost reliability. SUPASCREEN® doesn’t just protect; it’s also energy-efficient & UV-resistant, contributing to a comfortable & eco-friendly living space. Bid farewell to flying & crawling intruders, as SUPASCREEN® provides superior protection against insects & pests. 

Its corrosion-resistant properties ensure long-lasting functionality, even in challenging environments. Trust in the durability & performance of SUPASCREEN® backed by a comprehensive 16-year warranty. 

SUPASCREEN® surpasses an 8,000-hour acetic acid salt spray test, equivalent to over 25 years of usage, ensuring sustained durability.

INTRUDAGUARD® features specially tempered 5052 marine grade perforated aluminium, providing a contemporary & secure mesh solution. Meeting & surpassing Australian Standard AS5039-2008, INTRUDAGUARD® ensures maximum impact & shear resistance for reliable security. 

With a clear 119-degree angle of view, INTRUDAGUARD® offers a balance between security & visibility. Its distinctive 60-degree staggered pitch in a honeycomb design, complete with round holes, contributes to its modern & stylish appearance. 

INTRUDAGUARD® not only protects but also maintains energy efficiency & UV resistance. Enjoy superior protection against flying & crawling insects & pests, making your living space truly secure. 

Built to last, INTRUDAGUARD® is corrosion-resistant, ensuring longevity even in challenging environmental conditions. With a solid 10-year warranty, INTRUDAGUARD® provides peace of mind for a decade. Choose a frame colour that complements your home’s aesthetic, as INTRUDAGUARD® offers a range of options. 

Each INTRUDAGUARD® comes equipped with standard hardware, including locks & handles, for a comprehensive security solution. These mesh technologies are not just barriers—they’re promises kept, ensuring that your home remains a haven of security without compromising on style. 

Complement your home’s aesthetic with a choice of frame colours that suit your style & each SUPASCREEN® & INTRUDAGUARD® comes complete with standard hardware, including locks & handles, for a comprehensive security solution. 

Elevate your living spaces with SUPASCREEN® & INTRUDAGUARD®, where security & aesthetics coalesce seamlessly!

Care & Maintenance Guide

Ensuring the longevity & impeccable appearance of your Amplimesh® sliding security doors is a commitment we share. Here’s a comprehensive care & maintenance guide to preserve the beauty & functionality of your investment.

Regular cleaning is the cornerstone of maintaining the brilliance of your Amplimesh® sliding security doors. Dust & debris can accumulate over time, impacting both appearance & performance. 

Begin by gently wiping down the frames & mesh with a soft cloth or sponge. For more stubborn dirt, a mild detergent or a non-abrasive cleaner mixed with water can be used. Always remember to rinse thoroughly with clean water to avoid residue build-up.

For doors with a powder-coated aluminium finish, extra care is crucial. 

Powder coating offers a durable & stylish finish, but abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals can compromise its integrity. Stick to mild, non-abrasive cleaning solutions & avoid anything containing solvents or strong acids.

If your Amplimesh® sliding security doors feature an anodised aluminium finish, they are more resistant to corrosion & wear. However, consistent cleaning is still essential. Use a mild detergent or a specific anodised aluminium cleaner to wipe down the surfaces gently. Avoid abrasive tools or harsh chemicals that may scratch or damage the anodised layer.

In addition to cleaning, conduct regular inspections of the hardware components, including locks & handles. Ensure that they operate smoothly & efficiently. If any issues arise, contact our professional team for assistance.

Addressing scratches or minor damage is crucial. Use touch-up paint suitable for the specific finish of your Amplimesh® sliding security doors. This proactive approach helps prevent the damage from spreading & maintains the overall integrity of the doors.

By following these simple yet effective care & maintenance guidelines, you contribute to the lasting beauty & performance of your Amplimesh® sliding security doors. Regular attention ensures that your investment continues to protect your home with both strength & elegance.

Available Colours & Their Characteristics

Amplimesh® sliding security doors not only provide unparalleled protection but also offer a wide array of finishes to complement your home’s aesthetic. Let’s delve into the characteristics of each finish to assist you in making an informed choice:

Among the diverse spectrum of colours, the DecoWood colours stand as a pinnacle of elegance, closely mirroring the warmth & texture of traditional wooden door frames.

Australian Native Species:

Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of Australia with our Slip-Resistant range. From the serene Snow Gum™ to the robust Ironbark®, each colour pays homage to the diverse landscapes of the continent. The slip-resistant feature ensures safety & a tactile connection with the Australian outdoors.

Australian Cedar™ Slip-Resistant:

Celebrate the timeless beauty of native Australian Cedar, merging classic design with contemporary security. Warm tones & intricate details pay homage to the richness of native wood.

New colour:

Brush Box is an avant-garde option offering a fresh & versatile aesthetic, providing a modern twist to traditional timber finishes. Ideal for those seeking a statement with a touch of sophistication.

Exotic Timber Species:

Venture on a global journey with our Slip-Resistant Exotic Timber Species. From the refined elegance of French Oak™ to the earthy appeal of Chestnut™, each design brings worldly sophistication. 

New colour:

Merbau introduces a tropical flair for those desiring exotic luxury.

Contemporary Timber Species:

For a fusion of modernity & natural beauty, our Slip-Resistant Contemporary Timber Species captivates. From the soft Antique White™ to the timeless appeal of Western Red Cedar™, each option contributes to a stylish entryway. 

New colour: 

French Wash adds a lighter, contemporary twist with its white wood complexity.


For an urban aesthetic with a sleek finish, our Slip-Resistant Concrete range epitomizes contemporary design. Classic Concrete™ offers a neutral & versatile option, complementing modern architectural styles while providing a secure & stylish entry point to your home.

Advantages of Amplimesh® Sliding Security Doors

Choosing Amplimesh® sliding security doors is more than just a security upgrade; it’s a testament to elevating your home with unparalleled benefits. Here are the distinctive advantages that set Amplimesh® apart:

Unmatched Security:

Amplimesh® sliding security doors stand as a fortress against intruders, crafted with premium materials & precision engineering to provide unmatched security for your home & loved ones. With options like SUPASCREEN® & INTRUDAGUARD®, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is fortified with the highest standards of protection.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Beyond security, Amplimesh® sliding security doors elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home. With a diverse range of finishes to choose from, including classic gloss, modern matte & nature-inspired woodgrain, you can seamlessly integrate these doors into your home’s design scheme, enhancing its visual appeal with elegance & sophistication.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transition:

Experience the beauty of indoor-outdoor living with Amplimesh® sliding security doors. Designed to provide a seamless transition between your interior & exterior spaces, these doors blur the boundaries between inside & outside, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature while maintaining security & comfort indoors. 

Whether you’re entertaining guests on the patio or enjoying a quiet evening indoors, Amplimesh® sliding security doors create an elegant & functional connection between your home & the outdoors.

Choose Amplimesh® sliding security doors for unparalleled security, aesthetic appeal & the ability to transition between indoor & outdoor living spaces seamlessly. With Amplimesh®, your home becomes a sanctuary of security, style & serenity.

Ideal Applications

In the diverse landscape of Australian living, Amplimesh® sliding security doors emerge as the ideal solution, perfectly suited for a range of scenarios & locations unique to the Australian lifestyle:

Suburban Homes:

Nestled in the heart of Australian suburbs, Amplimesh® sliding security doors effortlessly blend security with the quintessential charm of suburban living. Ideal for front entries, patio doors, or sliding glass doors, they provide an additional layer of protection while seamlessly integrating into the architectural tapestry of suburban homes.

Apartment Living:

In the urban sprawl, where apartment living is a common choice, Amplimesh® sliding security doors become a crucial element. Perfect for balcony entrances, they empower residents to enjoy the panoramic views & fresh air synonymous with urban living, all while ensuring security remains a top priority.

Coastal Residences:

Along the breathtaking Australian coastlines, where the sea breeze meets the serenity of coastal homes, Amplimesh® sliding security doors become a reliable shield. Tailored to fit various door types, they offer a discreet yet robust defence against the elements & intruders, allowing coastal residents to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings without compromise.

Retail Spaces:

In bustling Australian commercial districts, Amplimesh® sliding security doors are an invaluable asset for retail spaces. Safeguarding storefronts & office entrances, they strike the perfect balance between security & a welcoming aesthetic. Customisable for single or double doors, they cater to the diverse needs of businesses across the country.

High-Traffic Areas:

In high-traffic areas, where constant movement is a way of life, Amplimesh® sliding security doors prove their mettle. Engineered for durability & smooth operation, they can withstand the daily hustle & bustle without compromising on security or performance.

Versatility in Design:

From iconic suburban homes to vibrant commercial spaces, Amplimesh® sliding security doors showcase unparalleled versatility in the Australian context. Tailored to complement various architectural styles & design preferences, they seamlessly become a part of the Australian way of life.

Amplimesh® sliding security doors are more than a security solution – they are a testament to a lifestyle that values safety, aesthetics & adaptability. Whether you’re embracing the suburban serenity, the urban vibrancy, or the coastal allure, Amplimesh® sliding security doors are the ideal choice for the diverse applications that define the Australian setup.

Advanced Home Security Achieved!

As we conclude our exploration into the realm of Elite Home Improvements’ Amplimesh® Sliding Security Doors, it’s evident that these doors are not just a security upgrade but a transformative addition to your home. Here’s a final reinforcement of the compelling benefits they bring to elevate your living experience:

Maximised Space:

Amplimesh® Sliding Security Doors redefine the boundaries of your living spaces, allowing you to blend indoor & outdoor areas seamlessly. Embrace the luxury of maximised space, creating a harmonious connection between your home’s interior & the natural beauty that surrounds it. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet evening indoors or entertaining guests on the patio, these doors effortlessly enhance the spatial dynamics of your home.

Unrivalled Security:

At the core of Amplimesh® Sliding Security Doors lies an unwavering commitment to your safety. Fortified with advanced security features & crafted from premium materials, these doors stand as a formidable barrier against intruders, ensuring that your home remains a sanctuary. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones & belongings are protected by a security solution that exceeds industry standards.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal:

Far beyond mere functionality, Amplimesh® Sliding Security Doors are a design statement, contributing to the aesthetic allure of your home. With a diverse range of finishes to choose from – classic gloss, modern matte & nature-inspired woodgrain – these doors seamlessly integrate into your home’s design scheme, elevating its visual appeal with sophistication & style.

Maximised space, unrivalled security & enhanced aesthetic appeal converge to create an advanced home security solution that goes beyond expectations. Elevate your living experience; choose Amplimesh® for a home that combines security, style & a newfound sense of openness.

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