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5 Reasons Security Doors Are An Important Investment

5 Reasons Security Doors Are An Important Investment

Many homeowners turn to alarm systems when upgrading their home security, rather than searching for a solution to stop burglars before they enter. Far from the elaborate criminal plots in movies, the research shows the majority of home break-ins occur through the front and back doors. So if you really want to bulk up your home security, security doors should be at the top of your list.

Not only are these doors effective home protection options, but they also offer additional perks that raise the value of your home. Keep reading for the top 5 reasons security doors are an important home investment.

Overall Durability

To consider a purchase a true investment, durability matters. Security doors constructed from sturdy materials such as high-grade stainless steel and aluminum. These materials don’t only offer an added barrier between your home and burglars but can weather the elements. For example, Amplimesh uses Supascreen® Stainless Steel has been tested to withstand bushfires and cyclonic debris.

Unlike regular doors, security doors can be made from corrosion-resistant materials, which prevent signs of wear and tear. Some people choose painted security doors, so after an extended period of time these will require a fresh coat of paint, but there won’t be the same foundational wear and tear of timber or fiberglass. So how long do security doors last? As long as your house does.

Safer Way To Enjoy the Outdoors     

When the weather is nice people want to enjoy the outdoors inside. Unfortunately keeping doors and windows open to let in fresh air and sunlight can be a security risk even if you don’t live in a high crime area. Security doors and screens allow you to open your home and experience your surroundings without worrying about potential intruders.

Enhanced ventilation provided by wire mesh designs is as refreshing for your home as it is for you. The consistent flow of air is critical for preventing mold, and homeowners can even safely let their house air out while away from the property. Burglars aren’t the only intruders screen doors protect from, mesh also keeps out bugs and pests. 

Increased Home Value

Installing an attractive, high-quality security door is not only a good safety investment but a smart future investment. Enhance the value of your home with attractive, durable doors, that have the added bonus of security. If you do decide to sell in the future you won’t have to worry about replacing doors around your property and can list security doors under valuable features.

While this might not make a huge difference to all buyers, those looking at houses that are in or close areas where break-ins are more common might feel more comfortable knowing there is added security. The same idea applies if you want to rent, sublet, or even open your home to Airbnbers!

Added Privacy to Property

Homeowners with back doors or patio enclosures should consider installing security doors for more than just their front entry. Security doors fitted on entrances around your property can increase privacy and peace of mind. Doors are constructed with hardy materials that have been manipulated to make it difficult for passer-byers to see inside. The design magic behind these installations provides a two-way mirror effect, where you have privacy from others but still have an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Security mesh doors can be adjusted to increase or reduce the level of privacy you seek.

A Design Solution For Every Door

When deciding on a security door you want to make sure you choose one that has been security tested for multiple types of break-ins such as dynamic impact, jemmy attacks, knife shearing, probing, and pull testing. You can be sure that doors that meet these standards will adequately protect your home. Amplimesh is an industry standard manufacturer and member of the National Security Screen Association.

Next, you need to pick a design to fit your needs, security screens come in a variety of options with specialized features. Screens can be fitted for hinged, sliding or folding doors and customized in the color of your choice. For homeowners new to the world of security doors a good place to start is what type of infill you want. Infill is the material inside the aluminum of the door. Two examples of infill are woven stainless steel mesh and aluminum perforated sheets.

Amplimesh Supascreen® Security Screens: Made from high tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel and allows an unobstructed 156-degree angle view of the outside.

Amplimesh IntrudaGuard® Security Screens: Made from a single sheet of tempered 5052 marine grade aluminum and offers a 119-degree angle of view of the outside.

Both designs have a 3 point locking mechanism and are assembled through a unique bonding process, that eliminates the need for unsightly screws or clamps.

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