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What is a security door?

What is a security door?

Wondering whether you should invest in Security Doors in Sydney for your home or office? Security doors offer superior protection in comparison to regular doors and do a great job of safeguarding against intruders, withstanding weather forces and increasing the value of a building.

What should you look for in a security door?

Quality security doors are made of strong, durable materials that will stand the test of time and meet the Australian Standard AS5039, which features six main tests that measure the strength of security doors: the knife sheer test, the impact test, the anti-jemmy test, the pull test, the probe test and the sheer test.

Beyond the strength of the materials used to manufacture a security door, it also needs to be protected with a high-security lock system. Since the cylinder part of the lock that accommodates the key is one of the weakest points in the structure, it needs to be secured in place to prevent entry through this section.

Additional security measures such as bolts, chains and a striking plate can also be added to security doors in Sydney for ultimate intruder-resistance. A door’s hinges present a potential weak point, so this area needs to be strengthened through methods such as locating pins on the sides or hiding the hinges from sight, making it more difficult to break through the barrier. A viewing lens can also be installed to allow a degree of visibility before opening the door to someone, and it is a good idea to install security alarms around the house for extra peace of mind.

Quality security doors in Australia

It’s important to make use of professional security specialists to design, build and install security doors in your home to ensure the doors and their frames are securely fixed to the walls. EHI is an expert in home security with over 25 years of experience in creating and installing home improvement fixtures in Australian homes. Over these years, we have been partnering with Elite Security Screens & Doors, the industry’s leading manufacturer of Amplimesh products in Australia, to deliver top-quality security doors, screens and windows to increase home security.

Amplimesh manufactures security doors in two ranges, SupaScreen and IntrudaGuard. The SupaScreen range is made with 316 marine-grade woven stainless steel security mesh and comes with a 16-year warranty Australia-wide. With a viewing angle of 156 degrees and a ventilation airflow of 41%, this mesh provides impressive visibility and breeze control while maintaining privacy and security. SupaScreen doors also boast a BAL 40 (Bushfire Attack Level) rating, which protects buildings from ember attacks, burning debris and exposure to radiant heat, as well as a BAL Flame Zone rating, which is the most extreme rating that can be applied to a building.

The IntrudaGuard range is made with 5052 marine-grade perforated aluminium mesh and comes with a 10-year warranty Australia-wide. This is a more budget-conscious option if you want to cut back on costs while securing your home. With a viewing angle of 119 degrees and a ventilation airflow of 40%, IntrudaGuard products still succeed in providing ample visibility and temperature control without compromising on safety. This range comes with a BAL 29 rating and is also suitable for cyclonic regions.

Both ranges are approved and tested according to the Australian Standard AS5039, offering ultimate intruder-resistance with a triple-lock system. EHi’s security doors are custom made and professionally installed to help you feel safe and secure in your home.

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