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What to consider when choosing fly screens

What to consider when choosing fly screens

Modern fly screens present a stylish and innovative solution to proofing your home against flies, mosquitoes and other insects that can bother you during Australia’s humid summer months. These days, there are tons of fly screen and fly door options on the market with a range of different materials, textures and colours to pick from. To choose the fly screen that is best for the job, you need to take into consideration your budget, the style of your windows and doors, and the environmental conditions of the location of your home.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing fly screens, along with our suggestions for the best fly screens in Sydney!


The great thing about installing window and door dressings such as fly screens is that the project can be tailored according to your budget. If you want to go all out, you can cover all your windows and doors with a high-end, multi-purpose screen. EHI’s luxury fly screen, for example, is made of polypropylene and uses the latest in Japanese nanotechnology to deliver thinner, sheer strands with a softer impact that is nearly invisible to the naked eye. With a higher strand count than a standard screen, these screens keep out even the smallest of insects like midges and sandflies to ensure maximum comfort.

If you want to cut back on expenses, the best option is to install standard fly screens such as fibreglass, which is a great entry-level mesh for general purpose insect screening. Fibreglass screens can be installed on windows and doors in any area. The soft and flexible material will not rust, rot or corrode, and offers good visibility and airflow.


If you have curious pets around the house that may scratch or bite at the fly screens, the best option is to use pet mesh, a tough and durable material that will resist any damage caused by your furry companions’ sharp claws and teeth. EHI’s pet mesh is made from flexible fibreglass stronger than standard fibreglass and with a longer lifespan. The heavy gauge material is resistant to rust, rot, shrinkage and stains, and is ideal for high traffic areas in the house where pets and/or young kids are always running around.

Strength & Durability

If you want to invest in fly screens with superior strength and durability, aluminium screens are just what you need. Aluminium mesh is ideally suited for screening windows and doors that need extra strength. The powder-coated charcoal finish is non-flammable and fire-resistant, making it suitable for marine environments and bushfire-prone areas. There is also the option of adding tuff mesh for added durability. Tuff mesh is a strong, durable material that is less prone to damage caused by pets, and minimises outside glare while maintaining visibility.

Bushfire Attack Level

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) measures the severity of a building’s potential exposure to direct flame contact, radiant heat and ember attack. Some materials have a higher BAL rating, which strengthens defence against potential fire and heat risk.

Stainless steel screens are the best option for areas that have a high bushfire risk. Stainless steel offers up to BAL 40 protection and is corrosion-resistant, also making it suitable for coastal areas or homes with saltwater pools. The fine woven wire also provides excellent visibility. Aluminium mesh is another material suitable up to BAL 29, whereas fibreglass options are unfortunately not suited for areas that are prone to bushfires. Learn more about mesh options and uses here.

Design & Function

Modern fly screens are stylishly designed to seamlessly tie in with the decor of your home. As a sleek alternative to traditional fly screens, retractable screens have a slimline and innovative design that is as elegant as it is functional. At EHI, we have several options of retractable screen styles to choose from.

Element fly screens are a great pick for larger openings as well as alfresco entertainment areas. They come in either pleated or flat screen options. Pleated screens have a sturdy appeal and prevent accidental walkthroughs as they are more visible to the eye. Flat screens, on the other hand, have a more sleek, streamlined look and make for a smart choice as they allow plenty of natural light and fresh airflow. Brio screens are another retractable option that is well-suited for areas with larger openings such as a balcony, bi-folding or multi-panel stacking doors.

Ideal for outdoor areas, zipslide screens come with a top track system that includes dual wheels to allow a smooth, quiet and even rolling action. The screen has a unique locking system that allows it to be locked in position and adjusted as required. There is an option for a dual-screen design that features pet screen mesh, sunscreen mesh, privacy mesh or plain mesh for added functionality.

The centor screen showcases an elegant design that discreetly retracts into the frame when not in use. This easy-to-operate screen can comfortably be paired with existing doors and windows and doubles as a superior sunscreen and shade system. The screen mesh is available in a variety of styles and comes with the option of blockout material.

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