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What’s the Difference Between a Safety Screen and Security Screen?

What’s the Difference Between a Safety Screen and Security Screen?

Whether you are installing new screens for your windows and doors or replacing old ones, sooner or later you will be faced with a choice: safety screens or security screens? There is a general misconception that these screens are interchangeable, but this is far from true. While both options provide natural ventilation, good visibility, and protection against intruders, they are completely different products

There is a wide selection of screens available with different patterns and finishes, so it is important to get the facts on which one is the best fit for your home needs. Below is information on key differences between safety screens or security screens so you can make the best choice.

What is a Safety Screen?

Safety screens are semi-protective installations, that allow ventilation while keeping bugs out. Models made with aluminum diamond grilles can have the appearance of a diamond grille security door but serve only as a visual deterrent for intruders. The mesh used in safety screens is made from aluminum or fiberglass, and with the right equipment are penetrable by burglars.  

Similar to insect screens, diamond grille screens are an affordable option for keeping out unwanted bugs. Security window screens are best used for second-story windows as they can help prevent a child or adult from falling through. Optional triple locking systems can be fitted on safety screen doors for enhanced security, however the mesh is still not built to withstand forced entry.  


What is a Security Screen?

Just as the name implies, security screens are engineered specifically to keep out intruders. Security is at the forefront of this design from the materials to the installation. The mesh used for these screens is made from structural alloy or marine-grade stainless steel – both stronger than aluminum to guard against intruders. 

Security screens are produced without traditional mechanical fixings such as rivets or screws and use a hinges and locking system. There is zero contact between the mesh and the aluminum frame to minimize corrosion. 

In order to be considered a security screen, screens must meet Australian Standard AS5039-2008. Standard requirements include mesh testing for resistance against knives, probing, forcible impact, jemmying, and fire attenuation. 

Just like with safety screens, security window screens reduce the risk of small children falling from high windows. The durable mesh of this screen still allows for maximum ventilation. 


Which screen Is best for you?

The best screen for you depends on your desired level of protection. Safety screens are an affordable and attractive design option, but only offer protection from insects. Your windows can become a vulnerable point for intruders, especially if you wish to keep them open. When installed on the second floor, a safety screen can increase protection inside the home by minimizing fall risks. 

If you are looking to significantly increase the overall protection of your family and belongings security screens are the best choice. While safety screens can provide a visual deterrent, only security screens meet Australian safety standards. These durable screens are stylish to integrate with your home design. 

EHI’s security window screens can be fixed in place with security screws or fitted to open. Find more information on our installation options here.

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