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What’s the Difference Between a Safety Screen and Security Screen?

Whether you are replacing existing screens, or decking out your new home, you need to know the ins and outs of modern screen and security options available.

Flyscreens come in different mesh options, such as standard Fibreglass, Paw-proof mesh for pets, Aluminium and Tuff mesh which are suitable for certain bushfire areas (up to BAL 29), and Stainless steel which is suitable all the way up to BAL FZ (Flame Zone).

Yes, all these screens will keep the bugs at bay, but if you are wanting a little more security for your family please read on.

What is a Safety Screen?

Safety screens are a step up from a basic flyscreen. They are an entry level cost effective solution that allows ventilation, keeps the bugs out, with the added bonus of a visual deterrent for intruders. The aluminum diamond grilles, like these diamond grille security doors, usually use a fiberglass or an aluminum mesh. The grilles can be used on ground floors to deter intruders, and are perfect for second storey or apartments to prevent falls from open windows.


  • Good visibility and ventilation.  
  • Protects against bugs.  
  • Diamond grille can be color matched. 
  • Safe solution to protect child or adult falling from second-storey windows.
  • Affordable. 

What is a Security Screen?

Just as the name implies, security screens are engineered specifically to keep out intruders. Security is at the forefront of our design, from the materials, down to the installation. Our screens are manufactured without common fixings such as rivets or screws, so there is zero contact between the mesh and the aluminum frame to minimize corrosion. The mesh used for these screens is made from Amplimesh Supascreen®, a marine-grade stainless steel, so it is great for coastal areas as well as surpassing the Australian Standard AS5039-2008. In order to meet this standard, the requirements include mesh testing for resistance against knives, probing, forcible impact, jemmying, and fire attenuation. EHI’s security window screens are be fixed in place with security screws.

Just like with safety screens, security screens stop the risk of falls from high windows.


  • Suitable for bushfire zones.
  • Meet Australian security standards to protect against intruders. 
  • Provide maximum ventilation and unobstructed views.
  • Clean streamlined frames
  • Pet-resistant. 
  • Keep out insects. 

Which screen Is best for you?

Your windows can be a vulnerable access point to your home, especially if you wish to keep them open. Flyscreens will keep the bugs out, but Safety screens are an affordable and attractive design option that will not only keep the bugs out, but visually deter intruders. When installed on high windows they will also provide safety for you and your family by preventing falls.

If you are looking to significantly increase the overall protection of your family and belongings, security screens are the best choice. While safety screens can provide a visual deterrent, only security screens meet Australian safety standards. Our security screens not only safe and secure, but they look great too!

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