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Why you should install security screens on your windows and doors

Why you should install security screens on your windows and doors

Home security is a concern for everyone. Ensuring your home is kept safe from intruders by Installing security screens on windows and doors is one of the simplest and most cost-effective safety measures. A modern home security solution that will complement the design and style of your house while retaining views, natural light and fresh airflow.

Here’s why you should install security screens on your windows and doors.

Advanced home security

Made from durable, hardy materials such as Amplimesh Marine Grade stainless steel mesh that cannot be cut open or shattered as with regular doors and glass windows, security screens are designed to protect your home from intruders. In addition to the protective qualities of the materials, security screens are equipped with advanced locking systems for enhanced intruder resistance. Security screens are custom-made to fit the precise measurements and design and your doors and windows to ensure all possible points of entry around the home are safeguarded. Investing in the security of a building also adds long-term value to a property.

Fire safety

Security screens should protect you from intruders without trapping you inside the house in the case of a fire or other emergency. Security exit screens are the ideal solution as they are hard to break in to but easy to break out of. With a seamless keyless design, these screens can quickly and easily be opened from inside by either sliding them open or pushing them outwards. Our selection of security window screens for windows and doors are all suitable for installation in Australia’s bushfire-prone regions with a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating of 29-40 as well as a BAL Flame Zone rating on the Amplimesh SupaScreen range.

Added privacy

Amplimesh Security screens help maintain privacy thanks to the finely woven stainless steel mesh (SupaScreen) or perforated aluminium meshs’(Intrudaguard) viewing angles. These help to block the view into the house from outside, while enabling a clear view from inside. You can see out but nosy parkers can’t see in!

Natural light and airflow

With security screens installed around the house, you can leave doors and windows open during the day, and at night, to enjoy natural ventilation from outside without any worries about compromised security. An added benefit is that security screens also keep pesky insects out during Sydney’s warm and humid months.

Stylish design

With security screens, you don’t need to sacrifice an attractive home appearance to improve the security of your house. Security screen windows and doors both come in a variety of styles and colours, allowing you to customise their design to suit the look and style of your home. Choosing the right security screens to match the frame of your doors and windows around the house will enhance the overall feel of your home!

EHi has continuously worked with Elite Security Screens & Doors for over 25 years to provide quality Amplimesh security screens for windows and doors. Our security screens are pre-measured and custom-made to fit the exact dimensions of your home, while the frames are finished with your choice of colour from a range of eco-friendly powder coatings. Our selection of security doors includes hinged doors, and sliding doors for outdoor areas and patios, and folding doors for wider openings. Our range of security window screens includes fixed screens and exit screens.

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