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Awnings are a popular choice for homeowners for many reasons, from aesthetics to heat or glare protection, thermal efficiency, as well as helping to reduce cooling costs in summer. They can expand living spaces by sheltering areas affected by the sun. Many designers & architects believe that awnings are the best thing you can do for windows, spaces or openings in direct sunlight. Your first decision will be whether to choose a fixed or retractable option. A fixed awning is a permanent structure that offers continual protection from the weather, with permanent shade. A retractable awning will give you the flexibility to choose open or closed settings, depending on the weather conditions at the time, or your desire for privacy. Fixed awnings are popular for business or retail applications. You can have them sign written and know that they will offer protection to the entrance of your business. Our awnings are made using the highest quality fabrics and components. They are designed to last for years in the harsh Australian conditions.

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Product Range

Motorised Awnings

On your command, your motorised awnings will extend or retract. With the single press of a button, you can screen any window or outdoor area, shelteri...

Alfresco Awnings

The Solution for Alfresco living. Stay cool while enjoying your view, or eating outdoors. Our Alfresco Awnings are highly functional and very versatil...

Pivot Arm Awnings

Looking for sun protection and a good look for your home? We have Drop Arm Awnings for your choice...

Convertible Awnings

Convertible awnings are a popular, classic choice, due to their simplicity, functionality & versatility over decades....

Retractable Roof Awnings

Want to extend the use of your outdoor space or need more protection for your family to avoid harsh sun or wet weather all year round?...

Folding Arm Awnings

The best function of Folding Arm Awnings is that as the sun sets you can enjoy the shade from your awnings during the heat. Then after the sun goes do...