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Different Materials of Plantation Shutters

Different Materials of Plantation Shutters

What Are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters originated in the southern states of America, designed for large plantation houses from which they get their name. Traditional window covers, like curtains, were too stuffy for the hot and humid summers, so the plantation-style shutter was created. With wide slats, the shutters allow for continuous airflow. 

The look and benefits of these old-fashion shutters have not gone out of style. Plantation shutters are simple to fit any interior from contemporary to rustic. These permanent wall fixtures are durable and built to last and as a result, will increase the overall value of your home. Originally designed for subtropical environments, plantation shutters are great for regulating sunlight and heat. When closed, however, these shutters provide excellent insulation.  

Types of Plantation Shutters

While all plantation shutters share common value points, different shutter materials offer their own set of pros and cons. Important points to consider when shopping for shutters are maintenance, cost, and desired aesthetic and functionality for the room. 

Wood Shutters

The natural beauty and craftsmanship of wood plantation shutters make them an elegant addition to any home. Basswood and cedar are the two most popular species used for wood plantation shutter models. Both softwoods produce oils that make them resistant to heat and moisture. Rather than absorbing water, the moisture rolls off the wood preventing cracking and distortions over time. Additionally, they are also impervious to bacterial growth, fungi, rot, and decay. 

Just like with non-organic materials, not all woods are the same in look and feel. The main differences between basswood and cedar are color, customization, fragrance, and heat durability. 

Basswood Shutters 

Cedar Shutters 

All wood designs are available in a variety of frames including arches, circles, angles and French doors. Expose the natural radiance of your wood shutters by choosing a custom staining option. Stains can be matched to your home’s trim and furniture or choose from countless paint color variations.  

PVC Shutters

PVC plantation shutters are a great option for bathrooms and ensuites. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most versatile thermoplastics, popular worldwide for its corrosive resistance, durability, and high-performance properties. The 100% water-resistant material ensures that when exposed to water your shutters will not warp or rust. PVC polymers are resistant to ultraviolet light to protect your home against the sun without fading. 

Ecowood® plantation shutters are the industry standard for PVC window covers. The shades are hand-built by craftsmen using the same sturdy U-PVC co-polymer used in home appliances. Tough materials and strong mortise and tenon joint construction make these the perfect shutters for rough everyday use, common in homes with children and pets. Ecowood® materials are built to last as long as your house and are a low-cost way to increase your home value. 

PVC plantation shutters are great for contemporary style homes and are installed with concealed tilt rods for a polished streamline finish. PVC is a lightweight material so it is better suited for small windows unless you add additional rod support. Decorative possibilities are limited if you want to customize your PVC shutters after installation, as the edges come with sealing caps. However, those looking for a personalized aesthetic ahead of installation, ecowood® comes in a wide variety of hinge colors to match the color scheme of your room and complement your shutter color.


Aluminium Shutters

Aluminum is the strongest plantation shutter material on the market, ideal for security conscious homeowners. A blend of valuable properties, the metal is almost as durable as steel but almost three times lighter than iron. Shutters made from this sturdy material offer effective protection against burglars with an added bonus of privacy control. 

Aluminum plantation shutters are a great choice for outdoor windows and doors. The metal is covered with a thin layer of oxide film that makes it corrosion resistant. From sun and snow to storms, these coverings can withstand the most extreme weather conditions. In addition to protection from the elements, they regulate your indoor climate to minimize costs. 

Manufactured entirely from flexible aluminum, these plantation shutters can be fitted to almost any window or door with fully adjustable louvres. This model is not only durable but fully customizable to fit your home. Personalize your installation with your choice of color, frame, louvre, and tilt. 


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