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Security Doors: 6 Crucial Questions You  Should Ask

Security Doors: 6 Crucial Questions You Should Ask

Security doors Sydney - EHI

In our previous blogs, we’ve explored how security doors are an important home investment & the types of security doors available in the market. Security door installation places second in the top five most worthwhile home investments in Australia alongside screens, plantation shutters, blinds & awnings. 

Did you know that Australians spent more on home renovations in 2021, the highest in any other recorded year over the last 50 years? 

Home renovations reached $12.3 billion in 2021 as homeowners poured their savings into improving their homes since the pandemic began. According to Statista, the volume of home renovation work in Australia is estimated to increase by about two percent in 2025. 

House Break-in statistics

Meanwhile, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that house break-ins in the country decreased from 2.4% to 1.7% due to covid. Roughly 179,000 Australian homes or 1.8% of households experienced attempted house break-ins. The most common points of entry for burglars during break-ins are:

  • Unlocked doors (40%)
  • Broken door or window (35%)
  • Unlocked window (28%)
  • Picked/broken lock (20%)
  • Others (spare key under doormats, package deliveries left outside the property, etc.)  (15%)

The percentage of broken doors or windows is relatively high & should be addressed immediately. A security door or screen can prevent this, – it’s time to install a security door to protect your home. If security doors already exist in your home, do you remember when they were installed? Have you checked the condition of your security screen doors lately? Maybe it’s time for a repair or replacement. 

Security doors continue to be an essential security feature of Australian homes. Here are six important questions that homeowners & landlords should ask when shopping for reliable security doors for your property:

  1. What features should you look for in a security door?

    High-quality security doors should be strong, durable, made from top-quality materials & meet the Australian Standard AS5039. EHi carries the world-class security mesh Amplimesh, & has done for over 25 years. Amplimesh is Australian-made & uses marine-grade stainless steel, which means it is perfect for a variety of areas including bush fire rated or coastal areas. All our security doors pass the Australian Standards’ strict testing: the knife sheer test, the impact test, the anti-jemmy test, the pull test, the probe test & the sheer test. A quality 3-point lock will complete your peace of mind.

  1. How can a security door be a worthwhile home investment?

    Earlier we’ve learned about the current trends in home renovations, which began to soar during the pandemic. Current statistics suggest that this trend will continue for 3 to 5 years. If you’re looking to renovate your home or add value to your investment property, security doors should be on top of your list. Tenants take into consideration the safety of a property in their search, & will appreciate the added value of security doors, often paying more rent for a secure home to live in.

  1. Will security doors match the style of your home?

    Aside from durability, manufacturers also consider aesthetics when building security doors. They are aware that most homeowners don’t like to sacrifice the style & design of their homes. EHi has a range of security door products that not only fit your needs but also match most modern home aesthetics. Amplimesh Supscreen is a clear winner, minimalistic with no bars or grilles to obstruct your view, & the marine grade stainless steel mesh keeps you Safe@Home. Choose from security hinged doors, security sliding doors & stacker doors.

  1. How long do security doors last before you replace them?

    Quality security doors are built to last a long time, but they do need to be maintained as screens & frames tend to deteriorate if they are not properly looked after. It is a good idea to regularly clean & check the components such as hinges, handles & locks.

  1. Are security doors weatherproof?

    Customers can be assured that all EHi security doors & screens are Australian Standard tested. Depending on the product whether it’s a security screen door or screen, each type is not only weather-proof but also intruder-resistant, bushfire region suitable, & are UV protected.

  1. What to look for in a reliable security door supplier & installation service?

    All EHi installers are trained to install all kinds of security doors & security screens products. They are security-licensed installers that will work with you from start to finish. We’ve been awarded as NSSA Best Installation Commercial at the National Design Awards 2021 by the National Security Screen Association. 

EHi supplies & installs flyscreens, along with a wide range of home improvement products:  Blinds, awnings, security screens, shutters, & grilles. Discover our screen doors, retractable screens and flyscreen repairs! These products form the focus of our government – backed apprenticeship, which we’ve recently named the Cert iii in BASS G™.